Modern Lead Generation

  • Boost Number of Appointments Immediately | No waiting for direct mail or event driven responses
  • Maximize Your Practice Potential by filling all available appointments
  • Generate a Steady, Consistent Lead Flow
  • Have your leads come as already scheduled appointments

Jenlin Systems Modern Lead Generation for Retail Businesses

Whether you are the sole-proprietor or the Director of Marketing for a multi-location business, sales leads are critical to your success. Yet, it can be extremely time consuming and costly to get the right kind of leads calling your phone. Traditional marketing techniques just seem like they don’t work like they used to. Too often it feels like a lot of wasted effort.

While others in your industry struggle to push out the same direct mailers and newspaper ads, we’ve taken a different approach. Jenlin focuses on targeted lead generation strategies that directly influence your closed revenue and sales. We provide specific, proven methods that will allow your practice to see a steady flow of leads that arrive conveniently and in real time.  Best of all, we can develop a customized online scheduler platform for your business so your leads come as booked appointments.

Data Enriched Leads

No two customers are alike, which is why we take the time to thoroughly understand your business. While trends exist across the US, understanding your exact location will allow us to really tap in to the right type of leads. We then apply our extensive database and machine learning to create a custom-tailored campaign geared towards your location. We continuously feed information back into our system and allow it to keep learning to generate higher and higher quality leads.

 Jenlin delivers a tailored, digital Ad lead qualification campaign that replaces the antiquated traditional marketing approach. Our proven techniques help you identify target markets, gain valuable insight on your product & prospects and generate qualified new sales leads. Uncover new customers and reach new clients using better lead qualification processes that leads to better sales results.

Satisfied Customers

“Since starting with Jenlin, my productivity has gone through the roof. I’m transitioning my entire marketing spend to the consistent and quality leads they provide.”

Barry Drogy

Hearwell Audiology

“I love the steady, consistent flow of the Jenlin leads. They don’t come in all at once, but more of an even flow throughout the month. It’s much easier to handle that way and I don’t have to wait weeks for them to start arriving.”

Ric Felder

Hearing Centers of Arizona

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I receive my leads?
You can expect to start receiving your leads within 48 hours of signing up.
How many leads can I expect to receive?
You are guaranteed the amount of leads you’ve payed for. If you payed for 50 leads, that’s what you’ll receive.
How do I access my leads?
Each time you get a new lead, you’ll be notified via email and text. Both notifications will also send you a link to your account’s google spreadsheet. Leads are automatically updated as they are generated.
How can I improve the quality of leads I get?
You can do your part by reporting results of your leads. The more information we get back from you, the better leads we can send you in the future.
How soon should I contact the leads I receive?
We recommend that you contact your leads no later than 2 hours after getting them. The sooner you can talk to them, the more likely they are to lead to a sale.
How long can I use the leads I receive?
Forever! You can keep and use the information to reach out to your leads as long as you want. In fact, we encourage you to continue to market and contact your leads in the future.
Where do my leads come from?
Jenlin uses social media, websites and other digital sources to target specific potential customers for you based on your location, type of business and machine learning from tracking the success of prior leads Jenlin has provided to you. We analyze all converted sales from our leads as well as non-converted sales to improve on the quality of leads we give you in the future.
How does the appointment scheduler work?
We send you a link via email to set up a custom appointment calendar for your business.  You set up a block of times when you would like us to schedule appointments with our leads and the new prospects pick one of those times. You are notified when an appointment is made so you can update your CRM to avoid double booking.

How does it work with Jenlin Systems?

You contract with Jenlin on a monthly subscription basis. The subscription price is based on how many leads you buy. Contact us for a quote and the details of your subscription agreement.  The leads are provided to you consistently over the monthly period with most of the leads being delivered in the first three week period.  If you are a multi-unit business or a large buying group or marketing co-op, you can aggregate leads for the best pricing.

Your business may be eligible to receive leads as “scheduled appointments.”  Contact us to learn more and determine whether this is a good solution for you.

Leads Needed

Determine how many leads you need per month


Create goals to increase your lead flow per month


Establish your budget


Tools to help you

Leads Needed

How many leads you need is a function of your specific circumstances, industry and available marketing budget.  We are happy to discuss with you and make available our tools to optimize your marketing spend on our leads. Our minimum requirement is 15 leads per month per location.

Key Performance Indicators

How do you know that you are getting the most out of your Jenlin subscription?  Purchasing leads is making an investment in your business.  You need that investment to return a profit to you. Our tools can assist you to make that analysis on a real time basis so you know you are making a profit.  Contact us so we can help you with this important exercise.


Upon determination of how many leads are optimal for your business, we can provide you with a quote on your monthly subscription price.  Most businesses we work with spend 10%-20% of their monthly revenues on our leads.  You can increase or decrease your subscription price (and number of leads) by giving us 10 days notice prior to the end of each monthly subscription period.  Most of our customers will increase their subscription from profits made from increased revenues from our leads.


Just let us know – we will get right back to you!


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